Thursday, June 17, 2010

Growth in Dominic Republic

The rains are pouring, the sun shines, the winds blow and the humidity can really pull every atom to a screeching HOLT. Okay so that is very over exaggerated, but you get the picture. My mom thought it was 'hot' in May but if she were here now she would think she was sitting in a sauna with sunshine peering through the ceiling.

It is just a time for my to remember our Mya, the wonder gal of growth. Who would have thought a year ago we would be here. Her in Dominic Republic seeing "life" happen as a missionary, as close as possible while teams come, work, and return. She is living the "behind" scenes and developing relations with saints from all over. She is beginning to sprout, the growth hard, like the seed needing cultivation. However, with all the correct sun, water, wind and the coolness of the evening - growth none the less. Her feet weary, her arms aching, her limbs stretched, her head swimming, her heart longing, she has been preparing all these years like in the conditioning of XC (cross country) but differently. This is a long, hard and fulfilling task that makes some and breaks others. We are eager to hear what she has gleaned. We realize that she is being tested in ways we do not comprehend. Life is life, some seam to skim the surface while others plow the field and toil with the much needed LOVE from a heavenly Father that is granted by a recycled life poured out as a drink offering along with others at her side. Five weeks? yes. She is our Mya, HIS JOY and we all LOVE HER!

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