Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mama French update #2

For those who are helping pray for this precious woman of God. And for our Mya who can get this when there is electricity :

"We haven’t heard anything today regarding specifics about going home or anymore about the doctors’ decision on when and how to go in after the AVM vessels. If she eats more and gets off a couple meds, I’m sure they’ll want to get her home soon, but we’ll see.

Here’s a list for you today:

1) Pray for her complete healing so she can be 100% Jess again (actually, she’ll be even stronger than before for having gone through this

2) Pray that the head pain subsides

3) Pray that her appetite picks up

4) Pray for the doctors making the decisions about surgery and whether or not to send her home

One more note: this morning we got a chance to read through to Jess who’s been posting on her guestbook and reading the full posts of as many as we could. She would often get emotional as we read to her. She feels loved…that’s helping her heal. Thank you all." Wakefield Hare (Sp? her brother)

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