Saturday, June 19, 2010

eighteen minutes

If life we lived for only one more hour: I would be grateful for the voices of my babies.

Today was a moment frozen in time. Let me try to explain; eighteen minutes and twenty seconds just wasn't long enough but like felt like a lifetime held in suspense. The phone rang and we were getting ready to speed into the store, get what we needed and speed out to get to the next checklist location. However, in the midst of unbuckling little number five, Princess number three heard the phone ringing. She preceded to say, "Mom, can I get it? PLEEEEEEEEASE?" "Yes, Manaithy, go ahead." "IT'S FROM BERNARD'S!!!! IT'S MYA, MOMMY, IT'S MYA!!!! I am going to put it on speaker phone!"

"Hello MY! HOW ARE YOU!?" Poor My, she didn't even get a chance to say hello that is how excited we were to hear her voice! Her voice, raspy as if very sore, but sweet as honey straight off the comb. "Hi EVERYONE!" ;-( I was so thrilled and sad at the same time. It was only the three of us able to talk with her. "We just couldn't get enough said, asked or listened to in those quick eighteen minutes and twenty seconds. It just crushed me. My baby is ill, her leg may have an infection from sort of "bite" and they needed our okay to administer antibiotics. "Yes, that is okay, YESTERDAY." ;-) Gosh she is so like the tree.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree she thought at first it was just a mosquito bite. But it, the bite area, has progressively gotten to where there is now a 'hole' in her leg and possible infection. So she told the missionaries about it and they desired her to call us. ;-) Her immunities seem low and now the power of PRAYER to join in with modern day medication to get her back home safely and in very good health state side.

Ummm Hum, eighteen minutes and twenty seconds, not long enough but enough to hear that sweet child's voice and say a prayer of THANKSGIVING for a life to give back to HIM! May the Lord receive ALL the GLORY ~ Eighteen minutes with my precious eighteen year old PRINCESS = PRICELESS!!!!!

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