Thursday, October 15, 2009


Beth Chambers (Irwin) took a few pictures that I want to share that spoke to me. Thanks "Bethy!"

"Here I am . . . go back to bed
. . . . Here I am . . . go back to bed
. . . . Here I am . . . go back to bed but when you hear respons & say, Speak Lord for your servant is listening."
Samuel so young was hearing the Lord; he just had to be guided with counsel to listen properly to the the correct voice. I've been guilty of that many times. Whether Kent, or one of the girls or even in a meeting of some type. I hear but because my mind is elsewhere . . . daydreaming, worrying about something (I know we are not supposed to and it is truly being worked on. With many steps yet to get it accomplished positively), or simply not present in the present. Emily reminded us this morning during her devotion that we need to not only hear the Lord but we need to be willing to LISTEN when he is speaking. Out of the mouth of babes, as often referred in my adult learner stage reminds me. ;-? So your right Em, Am I listening, truly listening that it could be said of me, "Speak Lord for your servant is LISTENING?"

See precious Emily . . . the heart of gold (with a twist of ornery written in there ;-0 ), does listen and observe her surroundings. I know I've written about it in the year past blog. Today . . . was different. Her eyes spoke sincerely while the words flowed with love to our family before we sang along with Kent teaching us a new song this week. Their two messages rang clearly, one with the melody of truth and the other with rhythm.

"Your name is like no other, Your name is a strong and mighty tower, Your name . . . ."
Goodness me. . . . His name . . . mighty yet gentle; risky yet surefooted and firm; meek yet powerful; feared, revered, yet comforting . . . . just to speak his name gives me goosebumps with a surrounded AWE struck pause.

Yes go ahead, "Speak Lord, your servant IS listening because you are never one to LEAVE me all alone! And by the way Thanks for being my Daddy - I LOVE YOU!!!"


just the usual noises said...

beautiful to thine eyes:)

*thanks for the photo love*

Ana-Lou said...

"You are welcome sweet, sweet Bethy!"

It is truly sincere - no flattery about it, just truth! There is no room for plagerism in my life. I just thank the good Lord that I get to enjoy what he gave YOU!

Love Ya Guts Sista!