Saturday, December 17, 2011

The shepherd

There is a shepherd who means the world to me.

He anoints my head with oil when necessary
His staff comforts me
His hand guides me
His voice soothes me
His love fulfills me
His patience astounds me
His discipline completes me
His eyes melt me
His feet are quick to defend me
His staff keeps me from harm

There is a shepherd that loves me
His words go noticed
His arms surround me
His leading stretches me

He is the only voice I know I can ALWAYS trust
He carries me when I hurt
He holds me when I am afriad
He shields me from evil
He looks out for my well being
He is worth dying for
for he risks it all on my behalf

His love is unending
His ways are becoming my ways
I love this shepherd with all that I am
He fills me with joy
He holds me together
I call him - Jehovah Jirah -

The LORD, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit your are my great shepherd, I shall not or need not want!

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