Tuesday, March 2, 2010

6'2" & Eyes of Blue

What is today?
The Day that a sweet man who Loves the Lord was born
The gentle person who grew in Jesus and continues to do so with the Lord
The 6"2" frame with gentle eyes of Blue

Do you know who?
KDK . . . my friend, My mentor, My LOVER
Only the Lord could have known that today we would get to celebrate another year together yet rightfully his life belongs to the LORD.

So Abba, Father God Thank You for the gentleman you have blessed me with. The gentleman who truly Loves You more with every passing day of his life. Therefore leaves room for us. A gentle man who shows the girls a tangible gift to relate LOVE with You to be.

Thank You Abba for his 6'2' & eyes of blue to be a part of my life.

Happy Birthday Kent!
Your girls LOVE You.

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