Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beauty to an answer

Sweet Faith Harlie Isabella
I know you are beautiful. That you answered his call when He called you to come home and that you are perfectly in those strong arms while looking directly in those eyes of HIS.
By the way, are they as breathe taking as I know they are? Does his gaze warm you with comfort from His Love for YOU? Do they take your breathe away yet make you smile deep from with in because NO ONE can LOVE YOU MORE - LAVISHED LOVE?

He knew it would be best for you to be with him in Heaven rather than to pass through the midst of time here on earth. Love wildly, Laugh and run with fervor and soak in Jesus for all eternity until we all can meet you personally face to face . . . I know that I will truly enjoy seeing you and your sister, Carder and my Micah gathered around his feet because He desired you to be at His side where there is perfection.

Our heart aches now but soon, very soon we all will reunite with joy while worshipping the KING together for all eternity.

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