Monday, March 8, 2010

Her last "Call" . . . .

Closing Evening Freeze shots
Ballroom Scene 03-07-2010

Closing Evening Freeze shots


Our little Papoose
Opening Night Thurs. 3-4-2010

Sisters 14 months - 18 yrs. The energy
at 10 p.m. ~ Hadassah the Bunny is Pooped out

Posing or Not Posing that is the Question.


just the usual noises said...

AWW I love these...OHMya so grown up....All of your em all..I need to see you guys again!!
What was the surprise?

Ana-Lou said...

A huge humble moment, a smile, a giggle, a breath, a walk, a tear, a LONG RED STEMMED ROSE and a precious whispered, "I LOVE YOU!!!"

Another imprinting on my heart!