Saturday, January 22, 2011


What do you do when you know with all your heart that relying on HIM ONLY will get you through!? I have been praying, Praying, PRaying, PRAying, PRAYing, PRAYIng, PRAYINg, PRAYING~~!!! I will keep praying as I await HIS ANSWERS and PRAISE him for what he has already answered because HE is hearing my hearts desire to be in TUNE with HIM! I trust HIM. I LOVE HIM! I will obey Him. He knows my heart because we talk very openly together. In - to - me - YOU - shall - see (Abba)!

So many times He has answered and answered clearly. I still trust HIM, He has guided me my entire life and I praise him for each and every answer. It is all about HIM and only HIM. Jeff Moody had once said in a paraphrase, "Love the Lord with ALL your heart and then do as you please."

Await and Accept
Yield with trust
Never cease
Glory given to HIM

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