Friday, January 21, 2011

Uniqueness in the moment of the snow

Okay the day is White as snow, with spots of brown all around ;0*( (that is a tear representation, just FYI) and grayish slushy stuff that is not really my favorite. I am from the ROCKIES where snow captivated my heart and the essence of my thrill during this season. However, I am beginning to see that as wisdom tries to teach me the cold is beginning to effect my limbs. It really started shortly after a vehicle accident that almost took my breath away permanently back in the wee teen years of my life. Moving to the mid west made me appreciation creation because snow is not always the same. After discovering the frozen tundra and constantly being filled with the frigid temperatures in college, while experience snow fall horizontally (literally) the snow meant it would "hurt" a knee, a few limbs and my back. OUCH! I had heard of frost and the term "frostbite" however, I learned that up North that was an entire new definition.

Every limb would scream while my voice would try to convey "Brrrrrrr it is cold". IT HURT. Well recently, it is hurting again. My wee little lover of the out doors doesn't realize how it hurts every ember in my being. I just smile and try to focus on the snow. Why I love it! Why I adore the creator for making it! And finding myself enamored with glee as it falls out of the sky. Oh I know there are many who don't really appreciate this season and just the other day I heard someone say, "I HATE SNOW, and that isn't even strong enough to express how i feel about it." I just thought pour soul. He needs to realize it is a time to reflect on scripture. About our sins being wiped away when we come to the presences of our Savior and we are freed! Or How it is so bright that it could be a representation of the Shikinah Glory of the Heaven. Or how about the opportunity to cuddle with a quilt lovingly made just for you while sipping on homemade hot chocolate peculated in your grandfathers' old campfire tin coffee pot that just the two of used on many trips just the two of you while "cutting wood" in the Rockies? Oh the way it melts into magnanimous ice crystal icicles to create little prisms?

Snow flakes so different, so unique, so ONE OF A KIND - Masterpieces! Oh Joy in the seasons! Thank You Lord for allowing me to appreciate so much lately. I just Love YOU!

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