Saturday, May 24, 2014

What it takes . . .

I just sat and read a wonderful blog from Lysa Terkheursts': The Day I Lost My Smile  About Parenting.

Isn't it just amazing how we learn so many life lessons from our children?

It is for me.   The best lessons come from our Mighty Lord and Savior and often times he allows those truths to come "from the mouth of babes" as well as their actions.

Today is yet another one of those lesson days.   I make mistakes all the time.  But I am learning continually that when the fuse is short it is because my walk is not in proper line with our Lord.

Today I am very thankful for my husband, our children, five wonderful reminders by birth. One answered prayer by marriage and one precious life from late December 2013.   I am so desiring to be different for the best of the kingdom and what is so different than the world views.  So here is the best I can describe it:

Often times . . . . Success in the Lord's eyes is so worth 'doing what it takes!'

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