Monday, May 26, 2014

Splender of the King through a Moms heart

I had my quiet time today and An Amazing sermon!  
OUCH and AHHHHhhh!

When contemplating what is taking place with in me
I hear the words of today:
Edify other better than myself

Then I replay Howard Hendricks words:

 is something you 
will argue about

is something you 
Will DIE for!" 

My entire life I have felt "called" to travel the world since before The Lord's still small voice was heard clearly by me. 

I remember it very vividly at 5 years old.  In "Lil' Gram ma and Pompi's " basement.

                                           My conviction is My Passion to SERVE YHWH
In every way.

October 2011
Right:   Cambodia                                                                                      Left:  Return Home

He captivated Her heart
and More than answered ours

  While Carrying Her; our final Princess,  He asked me to remember to:
and Trust Him   
   I did!  

28 years later another answered Prayer:

                                          "Follow Me."   "GO."    "The Harvest is Plentiful."
                                           2 Continents:  3 states:  4 His Glory:  5 Cities:
                                                    Missions on Foreign Field together:
                                                   United in Ministry Calling as ONE.
                                           To My only earthly Love,  Until Death do Us Part!

To Love Him  as a grand

                                                                         Easter Morning 2014 

Into Your Eyes I see sweet Prince:

In Case you Ever Wonder
God Gave You to US
two wonderful books to read.
May Your Convictions Precious Family Be to Fulfill the Great Commission For His Full GLORY!
          Your Blessings Prayed for and Upon You from the depths of my calling to answer 

Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21

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