Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Huge Thank YOU and fun Photos

It's been way over due.
However, I wanted to say a huge Thank You to a few individuals who gave from their hearts.
Those who
"Washed my Feet" so to speak.

There is this one of many: a very special Lady in my Life who has been around almost my entire married life and ministry life.
Auntie Joan! Gentle quiet spirit and a magnanimus heart who made these gifts of
"vintage aprons" for me.
See, when I was simply asking for ideas of "how" my desire was to make aprons
for gifts for ten other special ladies that were going to be servers.
Then One Special gal who captured it all on film at our photo Boothe!
(Teri H., Theresa W., Terra H., Sandy H., Tammy A., Sherri B., Wanda S., Nicole K., Valerie A. and Heather R)

Why the aprons meant the world to me:
Auntie Joan created the patterns all on her own and then sewed and pressed them.
They were made out of
precious fabric that Gram ma Whorten (her mama) donated
and matched our Princesses Wedding colors.
I teared up just knowing the loving Saints behind the
Lace, material, creations the time she gave to sew them.
Then to give them to the servers; the receivers
Women who have helped me heal.
Held me Accountable.
Laughed and Prayed with and over me.
and then wonderful Hands that took the
photos at the photo booth; Nova H.
No mistake These wonderful women of God who all brought these aprons to life.
Seen and Unseen
they have all touched my
life in a magnificent way and it was unknown to me but caught on film!
So here it is ~
Thank You so much for how your
hands gave in the most wonderful ways
to make our
Wedding Day very memorable!


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