Monday, April 9, 2012


"Have you ever?"

There are moments in my life that very simple phrase can make me a bit on edge.  The type of "edge" that well quite frankly makes me wrestle on the insides.  Sometimes it creates butterflies.  Other moments . . .  I am just still and think.  At other moments my mind drifts and looses all essence of time.   Yes it stirs things with in me.

Today, I asked myself that very question.   Things are stirring with in me.  I just desire to be HIS.  ALL HIS.   His who?   Jehovah Jirah.   I AM.   Adoni.   Alpaha and Omega.   HIS!

I was doing some "homework" before getting things ready to do my "to do's" beginning on the deep process, thought provoking soul search this past Saturday.  It blended into Resurrection Sunday.  The Spirit is causing currents and my inner platelets to move, twist, churn.  Creating aches, wrestling's yet freedoms.   WOW!

I began by asking myself soul searchingly - "Ana, Have you ever . . .  for HIM and HIS FULL GLORY?"  

Are you asking yourself that very same question?   What will you discover?  Are you willing to sit and listen to what he brings to you?   Well,   " _ _ _ _ _ , Have you ever . . . ?"

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