Saturday, February 18, 2012

Who? What? Bwahahahaha

Have you ever loved someone and thanked the Good Lord?
Have you ever heard . . .
6' 2" and Eyes of Blue?
Well they both are true
for me.
Yes the Love of my Life and I
have been through a lot.
I know that he is part of my Opus!

Out of our love
He has support a deep passion of mine
through many years:
The Love of work to "GO"
And responding,
"Speak Lord, for your servant is LISTENING."
and willing to be on Missions Outreaches.

Since 1989 - Present
Here we/I go again.

Dominican Republic
Anticipation arising.

RCC Dinner Theater:
The Real House Wives of Cricket County
Polly & Harold Hunter
(me and Rich)
Cricket County Husbands and (soon to be) "Fester"
(Rich, John, Danny, Gary & Terri)
The Northcutts with Cricket County Couples
Nine in this photo to GO - "Here Am I Send ME, Lord"
(Brad, Tatia, Wanda, Taylor, Sherri and Tammy {new to photos})
Truth Serum by accident
Sigmund Fraud . . . Knowed him on a personal level???
All five ladies will be "GOing" to DR July 2012
Mr. Wilks and Gram'ma Taylor!
Both going to DR
(Mike and Angela)

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Keely Brooke said...

Hi Friend!
I can't wait to see you next week!!!
Hugs from TN :)