Friday, February 10, 2012

A zoo?

The four gals swaggered into the theater past "regular hours" had paid the high cost of inflation . . . $3.00! ;-) What was the featured selection? "We Bought a Zoo." Where a simple, thought provoking intention captive's the depths of my soul. So deeply that I propose to those reading this; Sometimes life does feel like "Why Not?" So how would you describe that same phrase?

. . . ."WHY NOT?"

Why not reach for the Stars? Why not step out and be adventurous? Why not sit still and hear the "still small voice of Yahweh? Why not have a moment to sip a good cup of Joe (or your fav) and ponder your DREAMS? Why not give a passionate KISS to the one that captivated your heart and be Faithful? Why not frolic through the rain or grass barefoot? Why not take photos of some of your favorite things/ People? Why Not doing something that you've always wondered "if you could . . . _____"? Why not pay it forward? Why not give until it hurts? Why not feed someone and give them a drink? Why not invite someone to hear the gospel? Why not be crazy for the the Lord? Why not hold someones hand? Why not let it go? Why not be a little more transparent? Why not make an adventure list? Why not DO THE LIST? Why not romance your spouse? Why not hug your child and mean it? Why not say, I LOVE YOU, I AM SORRY, I WAS WRONG? Why not give with out any tags to it?


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