Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Eyes

I LOVE LOVE LOVE EYES! As many of you may already know. So to write right now is difficult for me. Monday was so rich with NEW Beauty. Birds singing melodic tones of bliss, the slight wafting breeze that whisked our hair about our face, the kiss of sunshine upon our dermis and the shade that developed as the sun danced a slow waltz through the sky during our picnic adventure.

Then early evening the words came, "They hurt mommy, they really hurt." "What baby, what hurts?" "My eyes, they hurt and scratch." As I was working on her beautiful chestnut silk, straight hair. "Close your eyes then and image the view as if you are dreaming" and with a deep drawn breath she laid her head softly on my lap with a pillow as my hands worked like crochet needles to finish the task at hand. We went inside and rinsed her eyes with warm soothing water, patted her face dry with a cool washcloth then a warm shower. She fell deep asleep.

Her eyes and face were pink the next morning. Sad with the evidence that the spring was beating on her complexion with a fierce vengeance. We washed her up got her ready for the day. Same routine with more care and a "SPA MINERAL BATH" to soothe her body and her emotions. Sleep came again.

Once again she awoke this morning with the pain of eyes glued shut. Frustration loomed. When she came quickly down the stairs we all could see . . . Spring had be ravenous and closed her eyes swollen shut. My heart quickened but my body remained calm. Cool water, soft caressing the face with a soft washcloth, and an embrace that wanted to squeeze all the impurities out of her system. Relief came after devotions of being an encourager. We all became tender, and the eye drops came out to cleanse and gently soothe where no hands could possibly touch. Her shoulders let free the stress and she relaxed. One drop came but with difficulty to trust what may come. The second drop accepted with warmth. "Aw www that feels much better, MOMMY Thank You. I feel like I have new eyes." Off we sent her.

May her new eyes return home fresh, alert and back to seeing clearly without the itch. I wish I could give her mine eyes. I love you sweet one. When rebirth is hard in the new season, the joy will come later, after the growing pains pass, but until then Mama is here to Love you through the pain of your new eyes.

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