Thursday, April 15, 2010


Yikes! Have you ever walked away from something and then remembered it later.Well the dilemma this morning we ran out of Milk. I thought No problem I had already made a batch of Pancake and Waffle batter (always keeping it available for something quick to make).

So after being informed we had no milk, getting everyone ready for their day and all were gone I went ahead and poured batter in 3 sections so that Hadassah and I could eat together. Much to my surprise she wasn't wanting to stay in the highchair. So I thought to myself "we have a minute or two" so I preceded to go to the bedroom to get my ??? then became side tracked with all the "to do's" to accomplish. A bit later I "smelled" what I had forgotten . . . . "Oh no our waffles!!!" I ran to the kitchen and opened the griddle to find THIS: Hard as a rock and BURNT to a crisp!

I hope this isn't what the rest of today is going to be like. No, it won't be because it is a new day and I choose not to be negative but live life as if it were the first!

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