Thursday, April 22, 2010


What does one say when her child desires to be heard as an adult? What does one say when her child runs to someone else for advise, yet doesn't even give you a chance to talk or communicate clearly? What does one say when an earnest "question" honestly turns into an accusation of "you don't trust me" however, another can respond with "no" and the same type explanation - yet it is totally understandable? What does one say when others communicate details and have expectations of your child, questions can be asked, yet the child is understanding with them? What does one say when the child IS TRUSTED by oneself, and out of love the parent just wants the child to be held with dignity and love by others but the child sees it differently? What does one say when desiring to protect the child's character? What does one say when asking for forgiveness? What does one say? What does one say when a child "talks open and honestly" with another for motherly "advise"? What does one say after years of praying for their child's life & the child sees it as "not letting her grow up"? What does one say to the response, "I don't have to tell you everything?" but finds out some other adults know more about her life than you do? What does one say?

She says, "I STILL LOVE YOU!", "I AM PROUD of YOU" and "Abba, Father God is Amazingly preparing you for Who you ARE - HIS CREATION" that's what she says. Then allows her to fly.

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