Sunday, March 20, 2011

God Gave Me Eyes

While reading to Hadassah this is what we came across while she chided with glee, "Reeeed mommyyyyyyy, please! Read, Mommy read it!" "READ IT, READ IT, PLEEEEESE READ it!" And here is what read:

"God gave me eyes
That I might see
The wonder of a blossoming tree;
My dolly's face,
My story book,
And how the various creatures look.

God gave me ears
That I may hear
The laugh of brooklets ringing clear,
My kitten's purr,
A violin,
And Mother when she calls me in.

God gave a tongue
That I might know
The flavor of all fruits that grow,
The taste of honey,
From the bee,
And good things mother cooks for me.

I thank you, God,
For making me
So that I hear and feel and see;
And since these good things
Come from You,
I'll use them as You want me to."
~ Olive Burt

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