Thursday, February 3, 2011

The love of two very special ladies

*****Bonded by life that started in Kansas!*****
" My-Nickel & Beffy " The two now bloomed beauties in a day called a photo bliss:

May 1988 created a friendship turned family. 1991 Cemented the bond through a step of faith. 1992 It all began and NOW the Day before her BIRTHDAY the two unite in a moment that shares two kindred spirits with this beautiful misty morning:

as written by BCPHOTOGRAPHY:

"Thursday, February 3, 2011

my my mist
Mya was my victim of the day;) She toughed out the misty weather. OK it was rather wonderful really. She is a trooper though, I feel like she would literally do anything I tell her to!! Ha she is so hilarious and is so beautiful.
Ive actually known Mya since she was born, her parents lived with us for a while when I was little and then well they started making babies and had to get their own house;) Mya was the fist of five girls in this loving, gorgeous, Godly family. I love them, and that is that. Mya is now (making me feel old) at OCC. I stole her away before she had to go to basketball practice. I didn't know she was playing, hope I can go see her'll bring back memories from when I went to basketball camp there when I was in jr high....and when both of my brothers played. It was good times. I don't really have a zest for words so enough talking.....thanks again MyMy!!


The photographer behind the lens, our Beffy:

Now recognize the hat?

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Keely Brooke Keith said...

Wow! Mya is so lovely! You are one blessed Mama.

I love your new blog background. Very cool.