Monday, January 31, 2011

Did someone say "ICE DAY" or snow day?

Oh we had fun making some memories. And in the midst of everything called "drizzle rain" and Misty freezing rain here you go.
THEN I received a wonderful phone call from Bethy saying she "is going to see our mymy" for a fun photo shoot and she also expresses with Joy, "I LOVE TAKING PICTURES IN THIS KIND OF WEATHER OF FOG!" We giggled and I was warmed that six special ladies were making the most of every created opportunity!

Come along with us and watch some "American Honey" sung by Lady Antebellum. It makes me smile and warms me at the same time.

Now I can hardly wait for and their finished product that was "live" and taking place at roughly the same moment. Hummmmmm, JO MO and MOTOWN laughing and having fun simultaneously.
Who'd a thunk it! Ha

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