Monday, March 29, 2010


Is what you are living for worth dieing for ALL of ETERNITY?
Is what you are planning for worth anything more once we are gone?
When it is all said and finished did it end like it should have?
What if you died RIGHT NOW?
Where would you honestly go?

Everyone desires to be LOVED, so why is it so hard to GIVE IT FREELY?
If this is the last breath we take, where is the next one honestly going to be?
When we live LOVE, the world would KNOW LOVE, wouldn't it?

Who is Heaven for?
If we aren't willing to live for the GLORY of GOD before Heaven then how can we think we will when we are faced to be IN HEAVEN?
What is the reality of our journey here on earth? Is it (our journey) Heaven bound; truthfully?

Living . . . Heaven is Real
so is Hell . . . .
so where are my treasures stored; For now or for ALL ETERNITY where it REALLY matters?


DRINKING the LIVING WATER, Come to the LIVING FOUNTAIN and never go thirsty while you are

LIVING. As the Deer pants for water, so my soul thirsts for YOU!

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