Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hadassah waits in eager anticipation a kiss from the Sun & its warmth!

So many times our techno world reaches out and tempts us to go just a bit faster. Why wait, we have instant this and instant that, Have it your way, just add water, pop it the microwave, go "cheetah speed", skype it, text it, I TOUCH it . . . . on and on and ON!

Where and what I have come to realize is that the most EXCELLENT things I have received has come with LONG SUFFERING in other word PATIENCE, YOU know WAITING. But we beginning tapping our fingers rapidly when we need to wait for the "dial up" to go faster, or heaven forbid we need to wait one to two minutes for anything.

Let's see: I waited nineteen years to meet the one individual that the Lord would bring into my life to experience my FIRST DATE and boy was that worth the WAIT and then the patience for our wedding, to be respectful for a precious couple to be married first ;-) NO REGRETS there. Or how about our first full time ministry? We waited two years, again was that well worth our WAIT. Or how about the time awaiting for the arrival of our five children (nine months) again WONDERFUL expectation; and the very long wait to "SEE" our Jordan Micah in Heaven - where it will be perfect and well worth the wait again. Or the healing of a wounded heart four to five months and now renewed from the fire? Or hearing your Call and waiting years to go on the field and then finally arriving to the departure time so the the Lord could use it ALL for his GLORY? W-A-I-T !

He been WAITING for you to come to him. He is still WAITING with a huge sense of compassion so that you may come to the fullness of his gift - His son died for YOU so that you may come to Heaven. Won't you come? There is only ONE way to Heaven and that is through the Lord Jesus Christ. Believing he died for you, yielding your life to His and repenting of your sins. There is no other way, regardless what others may say or think ~ believing in Jesus Christ as your LORD and your SAVIOR is the ONLY way to get to Heaven and He is extending that invitation to you now . . . waiting out of LOVE for you because He does LOVE YOU and he has WAITED your whole life for you to just come as you are. If You want PEACE wrapped in an amazing LOVE run to the One who Stands and WAITS for YOU.

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