Sunday, March 21, 2010


No, it is not a perfume.
Not even a negative form at the moment.

Just a thought after hearing a great message
at the "Crossing".

What consumes my thoughts? Does it ooze out of every pore?
Can it easily be said of me that I am a bit on the lunatic side of driving others crazy by my constant speech and actions pointing to HIM? Am I Obsessed with Him? Can I hear him above everything around me? Do I see him no matter where we are at? Can I still smell his fragrance around me like I used to whether I am in his presence and others are aware or they are NOT aware he is around us/ me?

Hummmmmm . . . . I pray so. If not well . . . I think it is time to
fully have an Obsession with the one I really and truly do LOVE!

Yes, I WANT to be OBSESSED with him in a TENACIOUS, RELENTLESSNESS that is obvious; that there is NO DOUBT of my every intent. I met him a very long time ago. And I still want to get to know him even better than I do now. May HE continue to be my