Friday, March 19, 2010

A Walk

The walk today became pure reflection.

A life mirror, staring into two beautiful girls lives!
It was a deep breath. A listening ear. Reflection of the still slow motion of time while it seemed to rush by like a hot coal fueled locomotive; the Iron Horse racing down the tracks.

The walk today shot humility to learn from two teachers - our girls.
Their quiet demeanor's, their smile so gentle yet confident.
The fear of "I've never done this" but the assurance of knowing, We believed IN THEM.

The walk this warm eager spring like day with a brushed kiss from the sun as we slow entered the building, the gentle breeze and the grin of their baby sisters gazing at their profile.

The walk with a slight meandering saunter held with a touch of poise through each passing step. Confidence with a tinge of the unexpected uncertainty of what lied ahead. Calming to know it wasn't a time of disapproval but growth and acceptance.

We walked with joy to hear their voice explain their semester, show their progresses and what lies ahead for the next six to eight weeks. For one the final chapters of expectations complete. For the other opportunities that lay in the wake of "tomorrows."

We loved walking with you both today girls. We Love You! We are excited for YOU and we are so very proud of who you are In the Lord Jesus Christ - Great Job at BEING YOU!

Lovingly your learner of the day - Mom

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