Sunday, April 10, 2011

The ache

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness: To have an entire weekend planned and then to realize that we really are not in total control can take the wind out of your sails very quickly. Plans day one: Training. Check. Lunch date. Check. Two clients to see Friday, rescheduled. Check. One Ministry Auction. Fellowship with Saints. Check. PRICELESS ohhhhhhh, not feeling so good. Just get through the night. SMILE. CHECK!!!' Plans day two: Track meet. Pre prom. Welcome Home Celebration Service WCCC with dear ones from first ministry. Track meet ending. Prom Pictures. PRICELESS . . . . oh no, sick in Bed, aches, tub, slight fever ;-( missed it ALL. Cried. Speechless. Plans day three: Church Worship. Get there it'll be okay. oops not quite so. SMILE upon quiet exit . . . Hide in Van. Fall Fast Asleep. Unconscious. Go to work. CRAZINESS. Now to Go back to BED. REST. "For I know the plans I have for you . . . " Jeremiah 29: and in that promise I will exalt him even now for my heart knows with out any doubt that, God is GOOD ALL THE TIME. And for in between that time, I was able to read His word like crazy in I Samuel, Luke and Acts and Revelation. Great time in the WORD brought comfort to sleep hard. The ache: It is good to remember who IS IN CONTROL . . . okay I'll listen and rest. I LOVE YOU ABBA with all I posses!

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