Friday, July 2, 2010

Top Ten spills

Spills since . . . well all of My Life; after the dinner table today. Not necessarily in order of sequence but of what I can remember after spilling "again" this afternoon while laughing with KENT!

10. The first time when I met Kent's family in the mid 80's - @ PIZZA HUT, my glass all over the table before we sat down and knocking over other glasses. (RUN AWAY NOW)!

9. The pitcher of Soda when we got our pizza, the same day as #10, after laughing about cleaning up my "glass spill" (Thought: Never return to PIZZA Hut with Klundt's or Knuckey's if they ever invite me to ILLINOIS again).

8. The Spill of Orange juice all over my lap in the MIDDLE seat flying on SW Airlines to Phoenix, AZ to stay with Family in Mesa (Again after jumping up and yelping from how cold it was desire to be the spokeswoman; "WANNA GET AWAY").
7. The Spill of a full SWEET TEA 32 oz all over the floor @ MCI airport picking up Mya, taking a picture of the 5 girls in front of Starbucks Sunday June 27 2010

6. The Salsa all over the table during lunch trying to clean it up with rubber spatulas! Friday July 2, 2010.

5. At the Castor Family's dinner table shaking the Italian Dressing without a lid. Ugghhh!
back in the late 70's.

4. The Sugar bowl all over the carpet when I opened the cupboard door: Tuesday June 29, 2010

3. The cake in the airport (Denver - Stapleton) when Mom was starting a New cake business! Can anyone "wanna get away?!"

2. A gallon of milk from the table after helping one of the girls clean up her sippy cup full of milk. "Well, have anyone else wanted to cry over spilt Milk?" nervous laughter turned crazy laughter after really wanting to cry.

1. Early 1970's spilling water ALL OVER THE BASEMENT from hanging on the Water pipes with Aunt Juanita and Lawrence, my younger brother("Ana DID IT")!!!

*** Oh I am sure some of you may remember "other spills" but you can enjoy a few laughs on my account since I tend to laugh at all the "spills" I have had!
oh my gosh, now I need to add a bonus recent one; the spill this week while with THE KLUNDTS' again, spill a bowl of milk at breakfast all over the counter and my lap and black shorts (YESTERDAY 7-12-10)

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