Saturday, July 3, 2010


So much has happened in my life over the years. Recently, Kent and I have been enjoying one an other's company while walking. The weather has been so very refreshing. Breath taking as a matter of fact, and invigorating with the stroll down the walk way. The tunnel of trees, the reminder of life as we pass His creations, the sound of summer, others enjoying physical exertions for various reasons known only to them. Ummmmmm, deep breath in and exhale. Sometimes it is just the two of us, other times we are strolling Hadassah in her stroller and a few times some of the other girls have joined us. The common denominator? The Lord, Kent and me. Walking hand in hand, so to speak just the three of us.

Kent and my life; walking in commitment that is held together by love in the Savior. Like walking with perseverance; True Love is hard work. Our walk in the proverbial is a collection of the need to keep the lines of communication clear. Oh we've had our ups and our downs. Ramblings. Theology provoking. Quiet~ stillness. Excitement. Contemplations. Decisions. Terms of endearments. Frustrations. True Love. Much like walking for many reasons takes effort so does the true love that comes with commitment, regardless of the elements.

Reading our daily reading together has brought a refreshing and a stretching of the heart strings after our walks together. Sometimes we begin our walk with talking with Abba, Father God, as ONE together focusing only on HIM. Other times we simply are still and quiet just taking in the breeze, allowing His kissing our face at the same time, as we walk with the Holy Spirit about us physically touching us in the wind. I love those mornings and evenings with Him. Other times we listen to Hadassah gibbering while the birds sing. Sometimes it ends with the moment to sit on our porch to relax in the spring like conditions surrounding us both in the morning and the evening. We sit or read, and we sip our coffee or a nice "cold" glass of; water, tea, soda, lemonade, or Kool-aid (when you have children around that is a staple sometimes) whichever sounds good for the moment.

When we finish our walk home, we walk into a new dimension and devote with one another by talking with The Lord and eating breakfast with him. It began in June these dates and walks, and this week it has continued at home. ;-) I enjoy these walking experiences. Reconnection's. Pondering the moments in my heart, and experience rejuvenation of the soul, heart, mind and soul. The walks remind me of our journey. Our life of faithfulness. For that I am thankful.

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