Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh Joy in a date

Oh the time to spend with special people and contemplate the ramifications of true joy make my heart flutter with anticipation to recall the memory of it all when it becomes my past. The day Mya returned from the Dominican Republic the tears finally flowed gently down my earth worn aged earned dermis. The salt mixture ebbed and flowed with a glimmer of a fond smile painted gently down my Spanish cheeks. My anticipation of getting Tia, Faith, Emily, Hadassah large drinks and upon almost arriving to MCI to pick up the other princess; we "quickly" stopped by the golden arches, and made another memory of joy and a date in our lives ~ the Girls giggled, drank, and made a "pit stop," if I may use the term lightly. My "gut feelings" told me we needed to leave quickly. After filling the gluttonous large cup with "Sweet tea" and plenty of ice for the missing princess' arrival we departed to the silver bullet tram carrying our family. Buckling up princess "Haddy" ~ a tingle, a song, A TEXT; "LANDED!!!" My fingers couldn't seem to connect with the electrodes firing in the brain turned mushed from read message! My heart pounded with emotion of Joy of the elation building trying to text back, to be the last off the plane, we're are almost there.

All five of us became giddy. Our date, REUNION, our sign showing we MISSED HER we wanted to be there when she stepped out of the terminal! Wait, Wait to come down the isle!
We arrived, parking spot so close we could almost have been on the landing strip, and very rapidly unloaded. Walking through the terminal hastily, we catch sight of her. Emily screams, "I SEE HER. THERE SHE IS ~ MY-MY!!!!!" They all take off at a run weaving in and out like a quilters fingers or a loom creating a tapestry - they meet, we all meet. Sweet return, embrace - Joy!

Excitement is filled in the corridors, PICTURES
(those of you who really KNOW me) as I stand a far and try to capture it all. The stroller wobbles, the five girls embrace, my finger fumbles to find the shutter key, focus ~ click, click, click~ captured joy, she's home, safe, warm, ebbed with change ~ "She's home" my heart releases the long anticipated embrace, the tears gently roll, my baby girl is HOME and embrace my other baby girls - we're together. I wish her daddy was here, but he is anticipating her up north.
Oh the joy of a date, the drive home, the stories, the inquiries, the details flow like a winding river. Turns, curves, straights; like a river flows her conversations of reminisces. Excitement, her past, our attention captivated to glean every word and savor them to connect our love for her life as it was. My eyes look into the review mirror, covered by the stylish toned sunglasses, and take in the scene that can NEVER be completely captured by the lenses of a high powered camera. The three older sisters cling to the seats, the baby/toddler giggles as if she totally understands the storytelling taking place and they ALL are smiling, laughing, conversing hanging on every word, like a cliff dweller anticipating the next steps masterfully with respect and adrenaline of what will come next. As my mind captures the scene, the tears fall smoothly, gently, and my vision sinks deep into the heart. A blink, my shutter speed vision takes the picture and puts it in the memory banks FOREVER - Oh the joy of this date - importable - a mothers breath - Home is in the heart, not a building but PEOPLE we call FAMILY!

Oh the joy in a date ~ and One day ~ He will cling to me in OUR REUNION also. ;-D

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