Saturday, September 26, 2009


So much has happened this week but the 24th was very special for us!

Three of the five dolly - Princesses had some interesting happenstances take place. Hadassah - turned 9 months - AMAZING! Kent & I thought about the amazing day because a year ago He alone was holding a secret of her identity all to himself. (Yes that is right he was the ONLY one who knew she was "Hadassah Rose") and now she is 9 months old. Joy!

Mya was part of Home Court and was the Maid of Honor - elation for her simply because she was humbly honored to even sit on the court little lone be elected to be here. We are happy for her. ;-) Joy again!
Emily began her DREAM. The sparkle in her eyes . . . Amazing. She danced her heart away all night! From the moment she walked in the door to the moment she went to bed - finally a day she has been waiting in anticipation with great eagerness.

Who ever knew all these events in the girls lives would take place the very same day?

All the girls are very precious to us! Tia and Faith I can hardly wait to see what is coming your way. I love smelling the fragrances from all five of the girls lives because their aromas are very pleasing to my senses. They are so amazingly different but very pleasing to see them all blooming radiantly in the hands of the greatest gardener that ever! their colors are very vivid and full of life. I love the entire cycle of the blooming process that has been cultivated to see some of the blossoms cast off an aroma of waiting in the moment of a fresh blown breeze - ahhh refreshing - It is amazing ~ and none the less a bouquet with coordinating prism & refreshing fragrance. Awhhhhh just smelling the garden of life with the gardener - breath taking.


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