Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Out of my hands" . . . . I couldn't say it any better

"There you go changing my plans again
there you go shifting my sands again
For reasons I don't understand again
Lately I don't have a clue
Just when I start liking what I see
There you go changing my scenery
I never know where you're taking me
But I'm trying just to follow YOU,

Its out of my hands
It's out of my reach,
It's over my head
And it's out of my LEAGUE
There's too many things
that I don't understand
So it's into your WILL ~ LORD
And it's out of my hands

There you go healing these scars again
Showing me right where you are again
I'm helpless, and that's where I start again
I'm giving
I'm giving it all up to you

Move me, make me
Choose me, change me
Send me, shake me
Find me, remind me
the past IS behind me

Take it ALL AWAY
Take it all from me,
I PRAY" Matthew West - Happy

Praise You Abba - it IS all about you TODAY
as well as the REST of the days I have left !!!!

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