Wednesday, October 21, 2009

feeling sick

Oh my, sickness is running rapid here in Mo Town.
After I just told two girl fiends we so far are okay . . .

When the body aches, the eyes feel like a broken garage door not able to raise, the lungs grasp for air. . . . She glides gently and smoothly into the above pool of warm peppermint bath and each muscle slowly melts away the soar ache and melts like a truffle made fromthe greatest Swedish candy maker.
Ahhhhhhhhhh . . . crys out each and every muscle with the spa music and the wafting aroma. Oooooo guide your thought heavenward little woman my little girl. . . . She arises, and tries to walk but can not seem to move. Every part of her relaxed body is limp . . . like a bowl of jelly or a fresh batch of pasta that used to be rigid, rough. . . now a wet pliable noodle.

The peculator gurgles as the hot steamy water flows over the green tea with honey into the oversize mug . . . she replys, "u m m m mmmmmmmm . . . this smells as good as I am feeling." in a soft whispered hum as she takes the cool cucumber eye lid pads to fall sweetly asleep.

feeling sick.

"Mommy, I realized something just now. When I was a kid being sick was fun. As you grow older its' not so fun any more." With a sick half smile on her face ~ Thank You Mommy." As her smile ;-? tries to relay her gratitude and her steps take her up to her room to go back to bed.
Even in the times of illness . . . feeling sick; I Praise the KING OF KINGS because it is a reminder that he is ALWAYS ever present in the time for EVERY season. I then reflect and say, "Abba, Precious Lord, Father - My God Thank You for Mya today because you made her your masterpiece. Thank you for making her very healthy and rarely sick. Today, here she is. Speak with her soul as she slumbers. Grip her heart to return to you with a vengeance of passion. May she listen and HEAR your voice clearly as you remove all the worldly cobwebs that vie for her attentions. I praise your for your promises that; Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.

feeling sick . . . not any more.
Heal her with your mighty outstretched hand to experience you in a way that only the two of you can talk freely spirit to spirit. She's yours Lord.

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