Friday, December 18, 2009

a Friend

Today . . . cold but a sweet day!!!

Thanks to a phone call from a very special lady - friend, I was able to deliver a Christmas gift ON TIME!!! Thanks AC!!!

Well . . . Adriana has a place in my heart since working along side of her for a year and bonding in a way I will always treasure! She lives here in the states but grew up on Sao Paulo, Brazil. Where another special girl that lived with us in the late 90's is also from.

Well . . . I have been praying for Adriana and her husband Joseph for quite some time. They both are special to my heart for MANY reasons and today seeing her (your) B E A U TIFUL face again and quickly talking reminded me - how much I LOVE her among other special people. In Her room she had a special sink for our Kindergartners and every time I was there washing my hands with her scented Bath and Body soap, little does she know I would literally pray for her and her husband for multiple things. Every time I would wash or even smell that fragrance (Fig & brown sugar) I would pray for their home, families, and well personal things. Many things took place that year that I still sit in awe of!

We eventually; towards the end of the year, had every lunch together & came back to her room to eat together, discuss, laugh, be serious and sometimes I even surprised her with 3 cd's full of music from Brazil . . . which I still listen to even though I have NO IDEA what it is saying in Portuguese - Hahahahaha.

Well . . . a few years later, I found a similar fragrance that I love and thought of her for Christmas. I hoped that she may have a sink at her new building that she is located at, teaching first graders with her flare. :-) I wanted to go in on our last day of school before Christmas Break and share it with her. Thanks to a phone call last night I discovered that "Friday is her last day because she is going HOME" Which her family (parents and sister) live in Sao Paulo, it became necessary to stop by NOW before she left. Off we went . . . Kent took me over and waited very patiently while I delivered her pray bottled gift; :-) I was allowed in her room, handed her the gift and cried a few tears of JOY! She was even going over her morning routine which she had ready for them. It was sweet- memories of our 180 something mornings we shared together as staff. So now Adriana has that recent favorite fragrance (pomegranate) and every time I use the one in my home I will continue to pray for her and her husband in more ways than one while she has the same fragrance sitting in one of her rooms of her life!

A friend from Brazil, a friend for Life, and one - I pray for continually will some day be answered for all eternity! ;-)

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