Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Today my girls and Hubby are away but later will be home!

Snow, Snow, Snow. ;-)
My life has been surrounded by SNOW.
Maybe because the Lord knew I LOVED it growing up along the Rockies in the MILE HIGH city!

Then I lived in the Northern burbs (not so northern any longer) and snow was always in our WINTERS. Since then a few "SNOWS" have drifted in Kent and my life while we were courting and through our marriage the past twenty two years. The most memorable one is . . .The ONE particular day (I still have a Rocky Mountain News with headlines about it) - OUR WEDDING Day when Denver was literally SHUT DOWN!!! Or the April Snow storm that hit on our way to Lansing Kansas in 1990?

Then lately well there have been a few but the two most recent have been the Ice Storm or 2007 and this years 2009 SNOW BLIZZARD CHRISTMAS ;-D WOW!

I still love SNOW but the cold is starting to effect my limbs so hummmmmm . . . . It is still is
B E A U TIFUL when it is falling, drifting down from the heavens. To hear laughter while sledding, to warm up with our homemade HOT CHOCOLATE, cuddle in blankets, make homemade bread and good chili or potato soup YUMMY!!!!

Yes, it is final . . . I still enjoy the SNOW! Because when I look out and see the pure white covering and know that we can BE TOGETHER warming one another's hearts; making more memories while raising the temperatures of our soul, it brings joy to me. It is just the beginning, an illumination with an internal glow to match the outer growth; life begins again. Like the cold melting away when we come in from being cold, we are "warmed up", we can be reflective of who lives with in us - the spirit of God, and then shine as bright as the SNOW! :-)

Just like He has wiped away our sins and covers us with HIS perfection - when we answer the call to follow HIM - we can be "as white as SNOW" and Holy like he is Holy - I definitely still enjoy and love SNOW!

Won't you be as bright as the snow?
"Mighty is the Power of the Cross" - chris tomlin

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Stamp Your Art Out said...

I totally remember that wedding day! We are truly sistahs because I LOVE snow too and it's because it means that our lives slow down enough to spend time together.

Big hugs,