Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Wind

The wind blows wherever it pleases. I Love my memories of the effects of wind for the most part in my life; literally, figuratively and spiritually. A great mental photograph replay frequently in the deep recess of my past that may be somewhat dusty or filled with old cob webs. The Attic of my mind develops hues of unfocused thoughts but like in the dark room under the red light, chemicals, a pan, the "tongs", a line etc. all ready to reproduce the image. The effects, results are just absolutely breath taking and etched permanently; like the moment a picture shows up on the photo paper with an image.

What image or images? The wind . . . but one can not "see" it literally but feel the gentleness across the cheeks. The hair wafting along your face and the fragrances that go deeper than just the "smell" but into a canvas soaking up each stroke. Blow wind blow.

Forty minutes, on the inner state, music blaring, windows rolled down, the deep auburn hint of tint in the brunette curls slapping the face teasingly with laughter of what could be a moment of pure day dreaming. The air seems thinner as the altitude is climbing to Boulder Valley. Ahhhhh a pay phone (now but a snapshot of the past) just awaiting the immediate halt from the squealing braked tires creating a dust forming a film like a new applied paint coat to the tiny roller skate of a vehicle that used to look sky pale blue. A memory that began an incredible walk of life for me.

The climb past the waterfalls where the tiny breeze blows droplets across the face like a glistening mist to the point that one wonders if it is an imaginary film of a damp dew or perspiration from getting this far. The pine trees deep sent wave all about as the tree tops seem to sway with a rocking motion back and forth, back and forth, side to side almost hypnotic. The limbs bend while the wind gently blows as if waving like human arms swaying at concert during an on core during that concert. The wind whispers sweet messages to my soul, my thoughts, a time of being still to LISTEN to the wind.

What about the effects of a breeze like in a slow motion picture to create an ethereal almost magical moment that emphasises a point - again effects of the wind. Or how about a sauntering walk when the snow falls from the sky so gentle then when behind the wheel of an automobile everything turns into a picture perfect star burst when one is driving almost looking like being caught in a time travel event from sci-fi. Effects of the wind. Or how about dust devils so small that you giggle as a child and wonder. But when it turns into a twister the adrenaline rushes for safety. Again effects from and of the wind.

Lastly the effect of the Holy Spirit that has blown through my soul, every cell, me. The wind gentle when necessary and other times with huge tsunami effects. WOW!

John 3:8

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