Friday, January 29, 2010

Masterpiece discussion

Here is what took place today with the whole doppelganger thing on FB:

Mya Klundt

Mya Klundt Ana-Maria R Klundt: Mom, I don't look like anyone famous. Haha.

Ana-Maria R Klundt Mya Klundt: YES YOU DO!!!!
The CREATORS' (Drum roll . . . . . . . . . .) . . .TRUE MASTERPIECE - PRAISE the KING !!! ;-D

Ana-Maria R Klundt
Ana-Maria R Klundt
Beautiful Chestnut Hair like the base of the mountains, Gorgeous Blue Eyes like the crystal clear Painted Sky that reveals the majesty of those mountains, Pearly whites like the snow cap of Purple painted majesty. Laughter like the bubbling rivers along the ROCKIES. . . Yep HIS MASTERPIECE!!!

And he gave you to me temporarily ;-D
I'm Blessed!!!

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