Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Hadassah Rose

God is SO GOOD ALL THE TIME! Our God is so good, I just thought I would share our Family Rose Garden thought with You. Kent is a deep Red Rose to me and many other colors through each year. Little did I know that we would have other roses in our life. Who knew that we would have five BEAUTIES? Abba Father God did!!! Where did the years go? It has sped by very rapidly. It was like just "yesterday" that we were getting ready to share we were with child with Mya, Tia, Faith and Emily; then She ("HADASSAH ROSE") blessed us on Christmas Eve '08 and now she is already ONE~!!!

"Haddy" (referred by) her sisters said with JOY would be "our nickname" for her. Not minding really all that much because it was their contribution to her "name" ;-D. She has been one of the joys for and of our family. Haddassh is the fifth 'rose' in our family flower garden and her fragrance is very sweet. The colors are so wonderful and vibrant in our garden. They continue to bloom with each pruning. From the eldest ready to bloom again and be transplanted in her her own garden to the youngest pruning & taking steps to bloom in the home garden and while quickly becoming on the "GO". Roses as a garden we have found are truly hardy. I Love our Rose gardens: The girls and the one outside, with all my heart. They are all so different; their Character as well as their personality is a reminder of that every day. Yes there are some thorns but the stem is sturdy. I guess the stem is YahWeh, the thorns the obstacles that come and go and the blooming is Jesus Christ; while the fragrance is the Holy Spirit moving through us daily. ;-D Can't you just smell them?

Roses. Enjoy the walk and "Stop and smell the Roses" in life. It is well worth your time!

Our Garden grows with radiance of COLOR! What do you think they may be? Or even better yet what does your garden smell and look like? I LOVE OUR "ROSES" even when there are thorns in our walk of life (it is like "Doing Hard Things" - Harris Brothers), for that is part of a garden. Well I get to stop and smell and gaze at them FREQUENTLY and for that I am truly blessed and thankful for . . . ;-D.

Here is a tid bit about Roses and their meanings I thought you might like. ENJOY!!!

red rose

Red Rose

The most popular of all rose colors, red roses symbolize deep love, romance and passion. The red rose has long been a symbol of beauty and perfection and can also symbolize courage. A dark red or burgundy rose depicts a beauty that is uncontrived and unadorned.
white rose

White Rose

White roses represent purity and innocence and can also symbolize reverence and humility. They are often used in bridal bouquets as a symbol of spiritual love, unity and new beginnings. White roses are also used in sympathy arrangements for funerals.
pink rose

Pink Rose

Pink roses convey a message of elegance, grace and gentleness. Deep pink often signifies appreciation and gratitude while light pink signifies admiration, joy and sweetness.
yellow rose

Yellow Rose

Yellow roses symbolize friendship, happiness and warmth. Yellow roses can also convey a desire to start anew or give a relationship a second chance after a quarrel or misunderstanding.
orange rose

Orange Rose

The bright and bold color of orange roses represents enthusiasm, energy and desire. Orange roses can also convey pride in an accomplishment or celebration of a new beginning or venture.
purple rose

Purple Rose / Lavender Rose

Lavender or Purple Roses express the feeling of love at first sight. These unique and beautiful roses convey a sense enchantment or something magical.
peach rose

Peach Rose

Peach Roses can convey many different sentiments such as gratitude, appreciation, admiration or sympathy. They can also convey friendship and sociability. A pale peach rose symbolizes modesty.
coral rose

Coral Rose

Coral Roses represent desire, passion and excitement. It also says "I admire your accomplishments" and represents good fortune.
blue rose

Blue Rose

Blue Roses symbolize mystery or something desired, but unattainable. Blue roses do not occur naturally and are artificially colored.
yellow rose with red tips

Yellow Rose with Red Tips

A yellow rose with red tips symbolizes friendship falling into love.

More rose colors:

  • Black roses symbolize death or loss (there is no jet black rose, but a red rose dark enough to appear black)
  • Burgundy roses symbolize unconscious, uncontrived beauty
  • Cream roses represent richness, perfection and the best qualities
  • Gold roses celebrate absolute achievement
  • Green roses symbolize freshness, good health and abundance

Meaning of Rose Color Combinations:

Red and White Roses

Red and white roses together symbolize unity.

Pink and Red Roses

Pink and red roses together symbolize passion and romance.

Red and Yellow Roses

Red and yellow roses together symbolize happiness and celebration. A bouquet of yellow roses with a single red rose tells someone you would like to be more than just friends.
  • Yellow and White Roses Yellow and white roses together represent harmony.
  • Pastel Color Roses Pastel or pale blends of roses together represent friendship and sociability.

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