Tuesday, February 16, 2010


True to date . . . . a mommas heart

The experience of life with in the womb
the first kick
the first heartbeat
the first move seen
the first hick-up felt
the first look on a sonogram
the first giggle
the first tear
the first tooth
the first step
her little hand in mine
how about our first adventure?

When she is born
the first look into her eyes
and to know you both knew with out a shadow of doubt
you KNOW one another - bond
To watch her turn to her Daddy and visually experience
their connection - to ponder it all in the heart

Now she is growing up
the wisp of hair that carelessly fell upon her face
now all grown, she takes time to groom
the giggle and sweet little grin
now smiles with joy so sweetly as a young lady

The time experienced to talk
laugh and cry with one another
I praise the Lord for her being chosen to be with us.

Yes it is true
she is a gift selected for us from Heaven
To hold her, cradle her, someday let her go
Love her enough to set her free

Thank You Lord . . . Thank You

Now to you, Abba, I give her
because I LOVE HER
for she has always belonged to you
this is TRUE.

Psalm 139
I Love You Daughter

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