Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reflection in another's joy

SO Today is another day and the scene is picturesque. Makes me reflect today. As chit chatting with another mom so thrilled for her little girl "LAUREN" turning 22 today. We smiled and for just a moment be mind slipped into a rewind mode.

The giggle of our littlest blessing toddling in circles and laughing and allowing to recall what brought us here to the place we call "HOME."

Yes My little Emily was the age Hadassah is NOW when we moved here and it made me in a sweet way wish I could start all over there again. Yet there have been to many deep wounds that have taken place in the past nine years. However in the midst of those storms came HUGE BLESSINGS that wouldn't have taken place had these years since November 2000 had been non existent. Okay so this place now called 'home' is my history. One that has cured my love relationship with the one who matters the most very real.

So as I watched Hadassah 'dance' while Pam reflected her joy for her daughters' birthday I came back to the moment, took a deep appreciative breath and listened to her joy which gave me a smile. Pam's joy became my joy. Her thanksgiving gave me a chance to realize how sweet my history gave the exuberant joy of realizing that Life is full of rainbows that come after or even during the storms in this tapestry we call LIFE. With my true Love at my side LIFE is a win ~ win!

Today is a picturesque - and I LOVE IT!

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