Thursday, April 1, 2010


Have you ever thought what it would be like to go WITHOUT shoes?

I never really thought about it really. Until challenged to take a step or a few more than that without them on April 8, 2010. So I thought, "Okay, how hard can that be since I ENJOY going barefoot." Then I thought about it some more and then realized that maybe, just maybe I could take it a step further. How about challenging our mission outreach team to consider this feet to suggest others to "try it."

Try It I did today, or really I should say "tonight" when we went on our walk. At first I thought let's work "into" the notion. Take it easy, slow, safe. The thought crossed my mind to first go without socks while still sporting my tennis shoes. That was okay for a part of the exercise routine but it began to slightly hurt, rub the wrong way and a small blister, or was it? Yes that skin rubbed against the layer and a slight discomfort on the heal area was apparent. So for the last two blocks, "let's try it barefoot - Ana. It can't be all that bad can it?"

Can and it did. Tiny blister, tender feet and ever watchful eyes. This definitely made me visualize the reality - I've grown soft. Emily said, "Mom, why are you taking off your shoes? Your gonna walk the rest of the way home like that?" "Yes" was my reply. "How come?" Emily questioned intrigued. "well, I have a blister that has formed and it is beginning to hurt. Also . . . I just am working on something." She simply smiled and helped be my eyes so that I didn't "step on anything and hurt the bottom of my feet" while she kicked twigs, small rocks and other cement debris out of my foots path. I came back home, looked for the date of the big events challenge. I researched and thought Thanks "TOMS" for setting aside a time to make a difference in a global effort. If one purchases a T shirt "TOMS" will purchase a pair of shoes for a child - An effort of "ONE FOR ONE". How can We make a difference? I am going to walk the 8 April and go barefoot in honor of the effort. THEN take another step to make another MOVE to reach out and touch in another way later before the END of the July this summer.

So where are your shoes? "This little Piggy went to Market, This little Piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef, and this little piggy had none ANNNNND this little Piggy went weeeeeeeeee all the way home." So where are your shoes? Are they staying on for the day or are you willing to take a BIG STEP and walk it BARE FOOT on _________________(and follow through) then put it towards a need for another person without shoes?!!!

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