Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hello Prayer Warriors,

Today Mya called @ 1:02 for eleven minutes. it was so very good to hear her bubbly voice and the news of what is going on there in the Dominic Republic. They arrived in San Cristobal around two in the morning, tired but safe due to delays on the last flight departure.

They sorted the teams supplies and totes early yesterday morning to get busy with their work ahead last night and today.

Updates for Prayer:
Pray for Satan to be Thwarted in the lies he is attempting; to stop the work there with The Bernard's! For the lies of child prostitution at the orphanage. For the Lord to avenge the people working in His name to care for the orphans and the old, sick and poor of San Cristobal at the area churches, La Pan De Vida, the Projects and all churches! The gospel to be preached and heard clearly! Strength to stand in persecution during court hearing.

Mya's shoulder (that was hurt in the car wreck Friday March 16, 2007) is hurting extremely bad with pain. Pray for healing and full use of the arm without damage to the shoulder, shoulder blade. Mya's health to be 100% for the work during her stay in DR!

The Orphanage and the Pan De Vida: Someone reporting them in for being a child prostitution ring house. They were turned into the government and today May 27, 2010 at 9:00 had a court hearing against Pastor Juan and Maria as well as Rick and Carie being asked NOT to appear because of how it would look. Now the government is involved with the orphanage. Juan & Maria Antonio are not allowed to reside in the orphanage they are to live in their own residence.

Prayer for the proof to be evident of children not used for trafficking. However they do not have birth verifications due to literally being dropped off at the gate of the orphanage many times.

Prayer for the government to believe what is being presented as truth. For wisdom for Rick and Pastor Juan A. and the voice of the Holy Spirit to be heard clearly. Government to see them as humanitarians and the Glory of God to prevail.

Prayer for the "Projects" (where the refuge camp is located.) They are going there this afternoon to minister and work.

Prayer for the medical clinic that took place this morning and for the construction of the new building on the entrance area. They cleaned away all the brush with machetes and this morning mixed, poured and laid the foundation for a new building for the growth of the orphanage.

Prayer the children they are numerous - they have to turn away many due to no provision available for all of them. The Children are begging to come in, learn and eat yet they have to tell them there is no room for them. Their rations of food today (May 27, 2010): One large handful of rice, a slice of tomato and a slice of cucumber. ;-( Mya broken cried upon bus to return and "eat" with food abundance back at the intern/and missionary house.

Prayer: Mya and interns moved into the "inter house" down the street and around the corner yesterday morning. Safety every night as they have to walk by themselves as they are "Americans" 4 interns and Humbles (3) who are in charge of them. June 8-10, four more interns will arrive.

Praise: The children remembered Mya (with braces on) and they worked to teach her Spanish asking her to teach them English yesterday and today.

Praise: The team there now (Debbie D./Jessica W. team) are a return team and hard working. They are a very good team and experience was there working today during the court hearing going with Pastor Juan, Maria and the Bernard's.

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Keely Brooke Keith said...

We are praying for Mya and your family!