Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The wonder of

It seems to always amaze me when I begin to ask "WHY?"

The girls are growing so quickly. It seems like only yesterday the girls were born. Only a moment when the all began to laugh, smile, even cry with their first fall. The wonder of the girls in my life. The questions, "Mommy did you ever want a boy?" my response was always, "I have wanted a boy, however I LOVE THAT he gave us YOU!!! I'll get boys later ( ;-) ) in life" I Love each of them intensely. They are so uniquely different than another.

The wonder of Girls, is amazing. (Guys . . . I empathize with you.) Change of minds, swings of moods, some are flashy, some are quiet. Some are so incredibly amazing at what they see, hear and do all at the SAME TIME. Some are so mysterious it is fascinating. I know that I am a "girl" however, I have been learning so much while trying to raise five of our own. I have been stretched in so many ways that it has created an awareness of the awesomeness of the Lord.

The wonder of Girls ebbing and flowing like the tide. As different as the colors of the sky. Amazing to view like the sunsets and the sunrise. Some refreshing as a cool breeze, some as bright as a sunny day, some as soothing as a soft rain, some as some as quiet as the soft whisper of the wind, some as fresh as a crisp drink of water from a stream, some as joyful as a bubbling brook running through the mountains, some as melodic as the birds singing in the spring. On and On the story goes. The wonder of Girls . . . a moment of pause. Captivating as they walk with the Lord. Rich with the tenderness of realness like a kiss on the forehead. The wonder of girls, my girls I am blessed five times over to sit in wonder of girls.

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