Saturday, July 14, 2012

Remember Where You Came From .. . . .

As I have been looking over my very short life lately I realized many amazing and magnanimous wonderful Things.  

I realized that there is a One Man who LOVES me more than anything or anyone.  So intricately and enticingly that He is one who makes me absolutely speech and BREATHLESS.   I LOVE HIM intimately.

It is hard for me to be transparent with him.  Not because of him, however, because of me and my frailty.   I realize that He extends beyond my unfathomable mind can ever understand.   I met him when I was much younger.  He intrigued me.  Baffled me.   Drew me in.   I watched with heightened expectation.   Curiosity that desired more of me.  For me.  In me.   I searched like a ripe roaring title wave and powerful force and roaring thunder coming towards it's unexpected land.  Like a dried and shriveled up sponge eager to be dipped into water.  Like the kudzu vines of Tennessee clinging with intrinsic force and power, so I clung to His very being.   "Child." I could hear him.  "Sweet one."  "Come."

I found him in the Rockies.  Sitting at Boulder Falls.   He captivated my every morsel of life.  I Knew I wanted to be with him.   I longed for time with him.  It allured me like a spell to be with him.

Who is he?  The one that makes me remember.  He says, "Remember where you have come from.   For I Have LOVED you from the Beginning!"  Who is this man?  Why such strong longings?  Because He saved me.  SAVED ME.  He will save YOU also.  He has said,  "If a man (or woman) remains in me and I in him, he will bear MUCH FRUIT.  But apart from Me You can do nothing."  John 15:1-ff  
then He whispers:

“If you keep My commandments _ _ _ , you will abide in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and abide in His love.” John 15:10

And the LORD allowed me TO DREAM OUT OF THE BOX!!!!  Remember a president I admired when I was very young and enjoyed reading about.   Why?  Because He was a Hard working man that Did not allow the view of worldly failure to STOP him.   He had Christ like values.  His Character of utmost repute.
  I have been blessed to have been born in AMERICA of the United States.  Freedoms that did not come easily.  Men who led with Christ like values, morals, and ethics.   I desire to remain In Jesus Christ, and abide in His Love!  After all He did DIE for me, because of His LOVE FOR ME.  Matter of fact He LOVES YOU to!   

Now I ask,  "Do YOU Remember Where YOU have come from?"   

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