Friday, April 30, 2010


So many times when plans are depending on the weather, one can not be surprised at the risks that are at stake. The stake that creates one to go forward with intended plans. It is the thrill of the moment to awake and trudge forward when the dreariness in the skyline really needs to be with the kiss of warm from the sun and the soothing breeze across your face yet at that very same moment of reality slaps the flesh back to realization with the wet splash of rain and the loud roll of thunder after a huge crackling awakening every sense with awe.

An awe that gets the dermis to react the way one gets goosebumps when the rush of adrenaline runs forward stimulating every sense to run at mock speed yet with caution that would say slow down before you hydroplane. See the joy came when looking out around me and enjoying the ride out to the destination of our operation . . . looking for land marks and reading the odometer when arriving at destination about a 7.5 miles out. Breath taking location!

Joy at the fullest. Yes amongst the trees, slow drive through the canopy of creation . . . the soft fall of the rain and then the deep crack of thunder only to discover it was the "air-show" preparing for the performance May 1 & 2. The sound barrier was broken! WOW! The air crafts . . . . Amazing! LOUD! Perfect timing.

Then came the reality of the tasks at hand. Breath taking. Sweet melody of the patter of rain upon the pond. Classical music, the heaters rolling and the lights shimmering, table set. Ready for the event. The sound barrier? No longer broken but ~ Soft, memorable, and ethereal.

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