Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lures of the world

Why is it such a struggle to take a stand and be different? It is so disconcerting to think the worlds standards are okay when we are created to edify the Master and be one who honors him by worshipping Him in every aspect. My sights of focus have been challenged yet again after reading a book that Sarah H. suggested when she prepared a series of lessons for Mission Lake Ladies.

After reading, it came to my hearts conviction to live; really weighing the realities of the lures of the world and the dangers of believers succumbing to its pull is and can be saddening. Walking with the almighty is rewarding and tough. But it is much better than the drive to believe it is okay to be like the world when we are only aliens in a strange world and passing through until we finally go home.

It's easy to be like the world but the world really desires deep within to be like Him; if not then why does the lures of the world leave many empty for the temporary gratifications to only search for other happen stances? Don't let the lures captivate you and hook you. Simply give your heart a scouring that creates a clean and pure heart with a focused vision to live and love the way it was intended to attracted in a holy manner ~ His Glory is much better than the lures of this world.

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