Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mama French

Never ever take for granted the Life we are given. For in a moment everything passes very quickly. It is so amazing to see prayers pull together no matter the distances one thing remains the same, Christ is worth everything to a bended knee and a yielded heart.

My heart was lifted up in a prayer granted from Mya who knew nothing of what is going on with Mama French and Coach French lives, while she is serving in DR. Would you pray with us? Here is a way to pray for this woman of God whom has influenced both Mya and Tia during CHS life: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/jessicafrench
and the conversation of Mya and myself.

Ana-Maria R Klundt June 14 at 11:16a
June 7th Mama French was life flighted to KC. Here
are their requests:
Here are some specific things you can pray for as
you continue to talk to God about Jessica:
1) That she heals completely and can go back to
being the mother, wife, sister, daughter, granddaughter,
aunt and friend we know she can be
2) That John and family will stay strong
and healthy, both physically and spiritually
3) That Jess’s pain in her head and neck will
ease and she will be comforted
4) That Jess will have an appetite
5) That Emma & Amelia will feel the love of
their mom & dad even in their absence and
will have a great time with the people who
have stepped in to care for them
6) That the nurses and doctors will be wise,
and also that they will be blessed for the work
that they do every day and the great compassion
they show to patients every day

She is doing better but still needs prayers.
here is how to read about what is going on.

Love you Little One and know we miss you and
can't wait to see you and hear what God is doing in YOU!
Mya Klundt June 14 at 1:30pm
I'm praying!!!!!!

Father, I pray that you be over Mama French. I don't
know exactly what is going on, but I know exactly
that you are going to protect her and heal her.
Giver her the comfort, peace, and strength needed
through this time. Be with John, Emma, and Amelia.
Father, give them a peace to know that they are
going to be ok! Be with the nurses, and doctors who
will be looking over her. Open their eyes so they
may see the problem and make her better! Father,
I pray in your name that the pain and discomfort
feeling is gone. I pray that she will be home soon
to being a mother and a wife. I believe in you father,
and your power. In most holy and precious
name I pray, AMEN!!

Mom, please keep me posted!

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