Friday, June 4, 2010

The word is out

Okay so the word is out now ~ she's doing better. PTL!!!

Well, we had 21 glorious minutes together on the phone yesterday her on satellite and the six of us on speaker phone and we couldn't get enough said, a few tears and laughter all with in that time together. She, we enjoyed those minutes via satellite phone and the mercy of electricity running at that time. The pictures from teams priceless! Poor My, her camera stopped working correctly, the camera cord lost ;-( and well . . .
we are so excited for her.

Funny Mya FB quote, "in the past 10 days I've broken the following items: shovel, broom, mirror, zipper, mug, plate, and the railing on the bus. Is that supposed to be a sign? ;) (9 hours ago from now 10:49 CST)" with funny response from friends. TEE HEE she is much like me, poor thing.

When I went on my first journey, I kept spilling everything, glasses or pitchers of water, soda, lemonade, you name it, I've spilt it. She breaks it, I spill it hummmmmm ;-P Just gotta laugh.

Here are just a few pictures of our dear one.

This is the first week ending with the staff/"FAMILY" she was with. :-D

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