Wednesday, August 25, 2010

LIFE Good, Better, BEST

The passage of time is amazingly quick paced and sluggishly clingy. The Tortoise and the Hare, an Aesop Fable can illustrate this with such accuracy to the point it is profound. LIFE. It is creeping up on a week that our darling girls have been active in a whole new episode of melodrama that quite frankly has been called LIFE!

The electric eyes of Blues (three shades), Deep Chestnut, light Amber Brown and Hazel (two shades) are captivated in the way they sing of joy with what IS! Each breath, Each step, Each smile, Each adventure in One More Day called their LIFE.

I guess after hearing Kent speak on servant hood and pondering the reality of that concept- LIFE. Soon there after, I was running into Hy-Vee, finding a publication from TIME magazine on Mother Theresa about her LIFE making a difference. It made me realize I have learned many things on "servant hood" through our version of Our Little Women, through what we know as LIFE.

LIFE is like the ocean tides bursting to sing in my heart with each pump of new blood through this unique muscle, vast white blood cells, and the nano seconds of breath. LIFE.

Live as if my LIFE is an expression of the true source. Give with all that I have. Share in the magnitude of a minimum of 100 % and my BEST! Help because it is POSSIBLE.

No regrets.
LOVE exponentially.
We posses only ONE :: Give my all, with my LIFE.
Good, Better or BEST for the KINGDOM . . .

. . .Here am I LORD SEND ME - LIFE, mine is YOURS!

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