Thursday, August 26, 2010

One week

She has been gone one week today! Can it be possible? Where did the last eighteen and one half years go? When did those wee little fists stretch to reach out and be transformed for new adventures outside of our foundational four walls? Is she missed? YES. Is our home 'different'? Yes. Are there any regrets? NO. Seeing her new world, meeting her roommate and her roomies family, literal relatives from AZ and the sweet relationships missed, it all made a world of comfort and assured it is all okay! She is just going to LOVE it here (her new home), okay THERE.
The room was set up in roughly 35 minutes. A MAZING!!! The finished product? "PRESSSSHHHH!" The families who helped us get the furniture there AND set up was so appreciated. The set up process was wonderful! Reconnecting with our AZ family - SWEET as well those we miss seeing around Mo Town and from Kent and my past! One week that brought many years into prospective - deep breath in, exhale peeeeacccce, JOY, awwwhhhhhhh.

Am I excited? YES (can't you tell by all the exclamation marks? Tee Hee ROFLOL). Oh my heart aches to talk with her and "hear all about her first week and its adventures", to hear her come in at night, lock the doors, turn out the lights, open our bedroom door and say, "Mommy, Daddy, I'm home!" :: knowing we all are "in and safe". She is safe. She is enjoying her new life. She is capable to survive and lead with her God Blessed given abilities. We release her back to HIM knowing we tried our best to give her the training necessary for "such a time as this" to fly. Also to see the nest here at home :: it is flying with confidence in the midst of one weeks change that is not so weak. ;-) One week. Many lives = One LIFE. ONE UNITY - THE LORD REIGNS and BLESSES ABUNDANTLY. One week warms the heart to the deepest of reflection and exhilarating liberty of true tranquility. The soft tear gently escapes finally while penning this reflection. Thank You Lord for many ONE WEEK events through my midst, a vapor called, MY LIFE.
One who thought, "I will be weak probably" realized differently the heavenly blessings of this season. I AM BLESSED and it showed in ONE WEEK!

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